The 2024 Whole Hog obstacle course and mud races

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Can you go the Whole Hog (30+ obstacles/around 5 miles), or even the
Boss Hog (40+ obstacles/around 7 miles)?

6th October 2024 at Wantisden Hall, Nr Woodbridge

Registration for Whole Hog 2024 is now open!


Open to both individuals & teams of up to 20 people
(for larger teams email us at to discuss alternative booking options)

Fancy a challenge?   Want to have fun taking part?   Raise money for charity?



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Some recent Hoggers have said:

So much fun. Thanks and we will be back
Neil Evans Fitness, 2023  

Thanks to all involved especially the wonderful marshalls cheering us on! Xx
Naømí, 2023

Such a fab event! We loved it! Thanks to all the marshals for your support! Well.organised and a fab atmosphere!!!
Sarah, 2023

Awesome event!!! Love it!! Especially when you sort the weather too 
Richard, 2023 

We had a blast thank you   same time next year 
Richard, 2023  

It was epic !!! We loved it
Victoria, 2023 

Absolutely amazing, and all keen to sign up again next year, so many laughs on the way round with all the marshalls and other hoggers. Can not wait to see the photos released over the next few days.
Simon, 2023

Another truly, awesome, fun  and rewarding year with you! Thanks for the best time, to the heroes that helped Marshall, hand out water, cheer us on, to those who were competing too but checked in with us, helped shove us up banks, jump into deep water and pull out of deepest mud! Thanks for ordering the best weather too.Looking forward to another one next year!
Wendy, 2023

Hi guys! Just wanted to drop a quick thank you for hosting such an amazing event! The members absolutely loved it! 
Resolve Fitness, 2023

Wow! Can’t believe I was 1st female in the whole hog, beyond chuffed!Definitely doing this again as had so much fun! 
Toyah, 2023

Fantastic day! The marshalls were lovely & helpful. Very good at cheering us on. Looking forward to next year! 
Katinka, 2023

Best event ever…can’t wait to do next year with Jamie Woodgate thank you to the event organisers and volunteers for making this so much fun!
Kristina, 2023

Love this event, my sister who comes round with me, doesn’t love it as much lol. It’s always so well organized, and like the t-shirt says mud, guts and glory….definitely loads of lovely mud and water, feel like my guts hurts and have been beaten up with bruises all over, but the glory of doing and finishing the run is just the best feeling… now to persuade my sister for next year’s run. Thank you hugely to the organisers, marshalls, the farmer who land it is, the spectators encouraging and cheering us on and everyone else involved in a fantastic event
Nicola, 2023

Kate and I loved marshaling on the very muddy Sheep Dip! Everyone was amazing – and muddy!!  Great memories made too!
Allison, 2023

Gets even better every year
Clare, 2023

My first time and it was absolutely awesome. Thanks to Marshalls and all the superb support throughout the course.
Hayley, 2023


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