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  • Q – When is the 2024 race?
  • A – Sunday, 6th October 2024


  • Q – Who can take part?
  • A – We have a minimum age of 16 but no maximum ages. The events are open to all levels of fitness but you should look for the average times to get an idea of the actual fitness levels required. Needless to say the events will feel much easier if you have done some training before hand and you should always get checked out by your GP to make sure that you are ‘fit enough’.

  • Q – Is there timing?
  • A – Certainly! We have a fantastic e-chip timing system, which provides us with quick, acurate timing for all competitors


  • Q – Where is it held?
  • A – It’s at Wantisden Hall in Suffolk, which is easily accessible from both North and West via the A14 and A12, the address is: Wantisden Hall, Wantisden Valley, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 3PQ

  • Q – What facilities will there be?
  • A – We will have food and drinks on site along with toilets and changing facilities. Showers will not be available so come prepared. Be prepared to get dirty … these aren’t road races so bring a change of clothing with you!

  • Q – Is there parking available?
  • A – Yes, parking is to be arranged in the main area of Wantisden Hall. Please navigate to Wantisden Hall and you will then pick up signs for the Whole Hog event once in the grounds.

  • Q – Can spectators come?
  • A – Yes and we have viewing areas for spectators at the start, middle of the course (within close proximity of the start) and finish line.

  • Q – What should I wear?
  • A – The majority will be off road and we therefore recommend off road clothing and footwear. There will be also be lots of additional challenges. You will be best off in trainers for these (PLEASE DON’T WEAR SPIKES DUE TO SOME OF THE OBSTACLES). We suggest long sleeved tops and leggings to cover those knees. Gloves will also be a good idea.

  • Q – Any other information I should know?
  • A – Make sure that you arrive with plenty of time to get organised, register and get to the starting area. The race briefing will be at the registration area which will be confirmed once you have booked. Toilets will also be available. There will be refreshments available at the start and finish. Don’t forget to bring a towel and a set of dry clothes (showers won’t be available).


If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us – there are no silly questions!

We’ve run many such events and fully understand if you’ve not entered or watched a similar event before you want to know what it’s like. We also suggest watching a video of the Wholehog race in action in 2021 or looking at our latest photo gallery, to get a feel for the wide range of entrants and obstacles.