Suffolk Whole Hog (SWH) – Terms and Conditions

By paying to register for a Suffolk Whole Hog event, you agree to our Terms and Conditions below:


The event

  • I acknowledge that the minimum age for entry is 16. There is no upper age limit but everyone participating is expected to be in good physical health enough to be able to complete the course with minimal assistance from other participants or team mates.
  • I understand that the SWH is a hazardous activity consisting of a substantial and physically testing outdoor obstacle course and there is a risk of injury to me when undertaking such activities. I understand that running, walking or climbing in cold, wet and/or slippery conditions could be potentially hazardous, and am aware that the obstacles area and the area between obstacles are likely to be muddy or slippery so I will take necessary care to ensure I avoid injury.
  • I confirm that I am physically fit and in good health to safely take part in the SWH. I have declared any medical information which may be necessary at the point of registration and I have no known condition that would affect the ability to safely complete the course or would cause a risk of danger to myself or other participants. I understand that it is my responsibility to monitor my condition before and during the event and will stop immediately if my continued participation could create a risk of danger to myself or others or I am advised to do so on medical advice.
  • I acknowledge that 8.2 events recommend, if I have any concerns or doubts about my health, or I have a medical condition that may be affected by exercise, that I should obtain my Doctor’s approval before participating in the event.
  • I understand that SWH is not a race; it is a non-competitive event. I can choose whether I walk, jog or run and I have the choice to bypass an obstacle if I find it too challenging. I understand that SWH consists of a substantial and physically testing  outdoor obstacle course involving water and mud. The course includes, but is not limited to, running, tackling military-style obstacles, crawling, jumping, swinging, traversing nets, climbing walls, wading through stagnant water, carrying heavy objects. I accept that there is a risk of injury to me or others when undertaking such activities.
  • I will take extra care on the course due to the nature of the course terrain, which may include, but is not limited to; concrete roads, bridle paths, loose stones, rubble and pebbles, long grass, short grass, stinging nettles, tree stumps, roots, ditches, stagnant water, pot holes uneven ground, rock falls, wildlife attacks, poisonous plants, insect bites. I understand that due to the nature of the event, minor injuries are common and include, but are not limited to; scrapes, soreness, bruises, grazes, abrasions, cuts, sprains, strains, muscle tension, nausea, dizziness, fainting. I understand that serious injuries are less common, but do sometimes occur.
  • I understand that SWH is a mass participant event and contact or collision with fellow participants is a possibility.
  • I confirm I will wear training shoes and suitable sports clothing (preferably long sports trousers and a long sleeved top to avoid scratches, bites & bruises along with thick gloves).
  • I acknowledge that I am participating in this event at my own risk and that 8.2 events, the sponsors or supporters of the event cannot be held liable for any injury, accident, loss, damage or public liability caused or sustained before, during, or after the event, as a result of my participation, unless caused by the negligence of 8.2 events.
  • In addition they cannot be held liable for any changes made to the event for safety reasons, or as otherwise planned through circumstances beyond their control.
  • I acknowledge that in order to cover myself for personal accident, material loss or damage to personal property and any loss or injury to a third party I am advised to take out personal insurance cover.
  • I confirm that I will not consume alcohol, or any other substance that will impair my ability to take part safely and that the organiser has the right to refuse my entry if consumption of any of the above is suspected.
  • I understand that I am responsible for my own safety and my own actions (including the safety of my possessions) whilst undertaking this challenge.
  • All race information packs will be sent to the participant electronically. Race numbers and timing chips if used shall be picked up on the day at registration.
  • I confirm that I have read and accept the ‘Cancellation and Refund policy’ section on the Suffolk Whole Hog website.



  • I will not engage in any form of “ambush marketing” (ambush marketing is an activity by a party which utilizes the publicity value of an event without having any official involvement or connection with the event) and shall not breach or infringe the rights of any sponsor or other party commercially associated with the Event, nor conduct unauthorized promotions or other commercial activity.
  • By participating in the Event this does not confer any rights (by implication or otherwise) on the participant to use, alter, copy or otherwise deal with any of the symbols, trademarks, logos and/or intellectual property of the Event.